I Offer a Wide Range of Inspection and Testing Services.

Your home is a complicated structure that can present problems from many different sources. In addition to comprehensive home inspections, I provide services to keep you on top of the most important areas. Please review the list below of all the services I offer and a brief explanation of why they're important.

I am also a Certified Commercial Property Inspector. I offer a comprehensive report on all aspects of the commercial property you're interested in purchasing.

You can contact me from the Request a Quotation page for a free, no-obligation quote on your home inspection and any of these services.

We Offer Three Types of Home Inspections

Consider The Value Of Your Investment Before Deciding

The cost of your inspection is very small compared to the price of your home. Most inspections are less than 1/10th of 1% of the sale price of the home. With that in mind, consider this. Our prices are extremely competitive. If you plan on being in your new home for 10 years, even if you were to pay $100.00 extra for the Certified Comprehensive Home Inspection from Independent Inspectors Inc., it would averages out to only 83 cents per month. Thatís peace of mind for a very reasonable price.

It is particularly important to choose the Certified Comprehensive Home Inspection if you are purchasing new construction. New homes generally have a few bugs or code violations, which you could require the builder to repair prior to closing. Almost always, the minor problems fall within the group of items that are excluded from the Bottom Line Home Inspection. Then, you're left to deal with them yourself as you come to realize they exist.

The items that are excluded from the Bottom Line Home Inspection are usually not a problem with most homes. But, if they are a problem, you won't know it and you won't be able to negotiate for repairs with the seller or builder regarding those items.

The Certified Comprehensive Home Inspection

This is the most thorough and complete home inspection in the industry and itís the one we recommend because it provides the most information about the property. Items inspected include:

    • Structural integrity and drainage
    • Exterior veneer, doors/windows trim
    • Decks, patios and exterior stairs
    • Driveways, walkways
    • Roofs, gutters and downspouts
    • Furnaces and A/C units
    • Plumbing, supply and waste pipes, water heaters
    • Gas, water and electric shut offs and disconnects
    • Combustible gas detection, fireplaces and chimneys
    • Electric panels, receptacles, and fixtures
    • Garage doors
    • Ventilation and insulation
    • Built-In Appliances
    • Digital photos of inspection
    • On site printed inspection summary
    • Client participation during the inspection
    • Post inspection walk through and consultation with clients
    • Inspection report submitted (e-mailed) the same day

The Bottom Line Home Inspection

For those on a tight budget, we will inspect the major items of concern but exclude the items least likely to be a problem. This inspection does not follow the Standards Of Practice of The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. We inspect most of the items in the Certified Comprehensive Home Inspection with the following exceptions:

    • Window and door trim
    • Roof cornice
    • Electric receptacles
    • Main electric panels are inspected but not pulled
    • Fireplaces and chimneys
    • Appliances
    • Driveways and walkways
    • Fixtures and ceiling fans
    • Garage doors
    • No digital photos are submitted
    • No on site printed inspection summary
    • No client participation during the inspection
    • No post inspection walk-thru and consultation through with clients
    • Inspection reports submitted (e-mailed) the next day not the same day


Or Pick and Choose Options Ė

A Bottom Line Home Inspection with the any or all of the following additions:

    • Add digital photos to the report - $40.00
    • Add post inspection walk through and consultation with client - $50.00
    • Add same day inspection report results - $50.00
    • Add hard copy of inspection report - $50.00

Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas which has been linked to cancer. It comes from the natural decay of uranium that is found in nearly all soils. It can be easily controlled if it is present and the first step is to determine whether it is indeed a problem. Independent Inspectors, Inc. introduces the most advanced radon testing technology in Metro Atlanta and North Georgia---the Radalink Radon TeleMonitor.

This self-contained monitor, which includes an electronic sampling device, tamper detectors, and a computer, transmits the data to Radalinkís central analysis facility through a built-in modem. A complete report is available within minutes after the EPA 48-hour test duration is met.

The state of the art TeleMonitor makes it easy to fit a radon test into the inspection contingency time frame. Remember, the EPA, Surgeon General, and Consumer Federation of America recommend all home buyers test for radon in new construction or resales homes because this Class A carcinogen is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Most of the North Georgia has some level of Radon present in the soil. The levels vary depending on the geology of the region. Even so, homes tend to trap the gases as they rise from the ground. So it is very important to have your home tested.

Mold Inspections

Anywhere there is moisture, even inside a wall, there is potential mold growth. Mold is known to cause problems for those with Asthma and other respiratory ailments. We can identify all areas that have existing mold growth and also point aout areas that need to be monitored regularly. Mold is not always readily visible, yet can still cause the associated health problems by infiltrating the air handling system in the home. If you're considering purchasing a home, and notice any stale or musty odors in the house while touring it, it is highly recommended that you have a mold inspection before purchasing. There is much to know about mold. Click here to learn how I test.

Septic System Inspections

The septic tank system in a home is obviously of great importance. Tanks typically need to be pumped about every five years depending on the number of people living in the home. Although I do not inspect septic tanks myself, I can sub-contract, for a fee, actual tank inspections which means some excavation will be necessary to uncover the access port to the tank. There are other, non-invasive tests which can be done as well. These involve the use of dye and placing a drain load on the tank so it will provide flow into the drain field. If the dye shows on the surface in the drain field, it indicates a percolation problem in the drain field. I offer both tests. If you are considering purchasing a home, you will need to obtain the permission of the owner in writing in order to have an actual tank inspection.

I do offer septic system treatment products, that are the state of the art products. These were engineered to bring your system back to a "just like new" condition.  These products are 100% all natural (no chemicals) and envirnonmentally friendly. They can be ordered right here on this web site! See the "Septic Products" page for more information and the "Septic Products Payment" page to order.

Water Quality Test

Water quality is important to the health of you and your family. If the property's water supply is from a well, it is imperative that you have a water quality test prior to purchasing. The expense of drilling a new well can easily run into thousands of dollars. So don't take the need for this test lightly.

Security System Inspections

ADT is the best known name in security systems and I can arrange for them to provide a complete report on the condition of the system in your home.

The great thing about this inspection is it's not a gimmick to get a ADT salesman to badger you to buy a new system. In fact, the technician will provide the and provide you with the report when he's done. He'll answer any questions you might have and then he'll leave. It's as simple as that. This is a service ADT provides so that you'll know whether the security system in the property is working properly. There is absolutely no sales pressure from them. It's an excellent opportunity to have an often overlooked system properly checked out prior to buying the property.

Keep in mind, security systems are quite expensive to replace and you want a system that is reliable. Know the story on your security system before you close on your property.

Construction Draw Inspections and Construction Progress Inspections.

When building a new home, many financial institutions require each phase of contruction to be inspected in order for the builder to receive payment for the work. I provide this service and will make the necessary, repeated visits to the job site to perform the inspections. I always provide a written report of my findings. These inspections insure that quality work is taking place on the property. So, if your financial institution does not require them, it would be a good idea if you personally require them.

Termite Clearance Letters

Although I do not provide termite clearance letters myself, I can provide the services necessary to obtain a termite clearance letter through a licensed pest control company for a fee. I will schedule them to be on site while I am performing the inspection. Termite Letters insure that the property has been thoroughly checked for current and prior infestation. This is important. If prior infestation is present and uncorrected, it will need to be tended to with appropriate repairs.

HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) Servicing

I can provide servicing for the air conditioning and heating units in your property at very competitive rates. Both systems require yearly maintenance to remain at peak efficiency. Neglecting this annual service is the single most reason these systems fail prematurely. Once you've moved into the home, I can easily provide the annual maintenance for you and will call you to remind you when it's due. It's a hassle free way to take care of this important maintenance issue.

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